The Biomimetic Principle – the idea that the intact tooth is the guide to reconstruction

What is in it for you with biomimetic dentistry ?

How can Biomimetic dentistry help you to do better dentistry and enjoy your profession more?

More predictable dentistry

Restorations don’t just fall out

No post treatment sensitivity

Less root canals caused

More conservative dentistry, perform table top onlays and veneers rather than crowns

Increased production

Increased patient satisfaction

*Meet The Speakers*

Get Bonded Stay Bonded

Dr. Sherif


Dr. Sherif

With an increased respect and knowledge of prosthodontics came a wish to teach. I was fortunate enough to lecture dental students and residents at Harvard starting in 2004, as well as, conducting didactic and clinical classes for several years. When I moved to California, I worked in what many refer to as the finest cosmetic and implant dental practice in Beverly Hills.
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Dr. Dorgan



My sister and I both followed in the footsteps of our grandfather, father and mother by becoming dentists. It was never forced upon us, but for me personally it was the only thing I could imagine doing! Seeing people smile is genuinely one of my favourite things. My dad always advised me that: “You’ll never have a second chance to give a good first impression.”
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Dr. Chung


Dr. Chung

Every day I wake up to make a difference in someone’s life. I strive to do my best for every patient. We will work together to create a game plan that will lead to better oral health and a beautiful smile. I have tutored extensively on biomimetics and led teaching at the Alleman Centre of Biomimetic Dentistry. My areas if interest are literature reviews and Cerec Dentistry.
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The Biomimetic dentistry courses

Take the step and be the best dentist you can be for your enjoyment, your patients’ well being and your practice’s success with our Biomimetic dentistry courses!

Each Masterclass has a feeling of luxury based on the chosen landmark location with an in depth learning experience due to the small group setting that is maintained. 

Over the 18 hours of Continuing Professional Development/ Continuing Education our delegates will learn hands on through the use of customised typodonts and lectures to allow you to be highly proficient at biomimetic restorative dentistry when you return to your clinIc. 

As the course is always in a highly desirable location such as the premier hotel in London, the Dorchester, based in the famous and historic Crystal Suite on the long promenade, or the home of world cricket Lords MCC, or the Majestic Grays Suite overlooking Buckingham Palace at the Park Lane Intercontinental Hotel you will enjoy luxurious mid-morning breaks with pastries, a three course sit down lunch, and variations of afternoon tea with cakes Included in the price. You will also receive gold standard materials from Kuraray and GC when you book the year long programme.

Our courses

Level 1

Get bonded stay bonded

Level 2


Level 3

Bio smile

Our students talk about their experience with our Biomimetic dentistry courses!

“Learnt so much! I feel I understand biomimetic principles so much more and feel confident about putting them into practice straight away! Germán and Sam are amazing. Always so happy to answer any questions to further your understanding!” 

Amy Beggs

student of bio-prep