Level 1

Get Bonded Stay Bonded

What was learnt over years will be transferred to you in a 50% hands on and 50% didactic style. Preparations and techniques will be live and through the camera lens in high definition and then worked on, step by step with the delegate, permitted by the small group setting. It is a one of a kind course in the UK with its “For Monday morning use” practical content. 


Use Ribbond to increase bond strength and mitigate stress

Preform crack removal to predictable measured end points without pulp exposure and be aware of how to manage C Factor

Perform the 6 steps and be aware of the 21 benefits of Immediate Dentine Sealing

Preform caries removal to predictable measured end points without pulp exposure and be aware of the predicable bond strengths each part of the cavity will provide

A 4 step diagnosis protocol to plan when a tooth should have no intervention, a direct composite, a semi direct restoration or an indirect onlay.

For Different Levels

Dental student or new graduate

dental student or new graduate

If you are a dental student or new graduate this will give you confidence in your caries removal, IDS and preparation design.

experienced clinician

experienced clinician

If you are an experienced clinician you will gain expertise in table top adhesion, tips and tricks for restoring those problem root canal treated teeth without ferrule and a repeatable 1-2-3-4 diagnostic system for those teeth with cracks that you are never quite sure what to do.
Level 2


This course is 90% hands on and will teach the principles and hands on exercises of common biomimetic procedures to allow you to be able to perform:

Stress reduced direct composites for those large restorations where the patient can not have an onlay

The semi-indirect onlay technique to produce chair side indirect restorations

Perform easy, perfect anatomy and staining for posterior composites

Learn minimally invasive techniques for the design of onlays and overlays

For Different Levels

Dental student or new graduate

dental student or new graduate

This will give you the ability to treatment plan and perform more cases when your patients are not able to opt for a laboratory made porcelain restoration.

experienced clinician

experienced clinician

You will gain experience of how controlling chroma is the key to aesthetics and tips and tricks to become quicker and more predictable with your anatomy, aesthetics, shaping and polishing.
Level 3

Bio-Smile Learn full mouth rehabilitation to enhance
your patient's natural radiance

Traditional dentistry relied on preparation techniques requiring the removal of healthy tooth structure to provide mechanical retention. New materials and techniques offer a less invasive and additive approach to restorative dentistry.

This course will teach the general dentist to see the potential complications, find treatment options, and rehabilitate broken-down teeth using adhesive dentistry. We aim to help general dentists broaden their approach to confidently execute single-tooth dentistry and start taking on comprehensive full-mouth diagnoses and treatments.


Most frequent questions and answers

Registration for levels 1-3 is 830 with coffee and pastries.

Masterclass starts at 9am
Class ends by 6pm
Level 4 starts at 8 and ends at 1
Level 5 starts at 1 and ends at 6

18 on level 1 and 2
27 on level 3
5 on level 4 and 5
63 in total for the year long course

Levels 1, 2, 4 and 5: A 75% refund will be given if cancelled in writing more than 60 days
before the first day of the meeting. A 50% refund will be given if cancelled more than 30 days before the first day of the course. 25% refund between 21-29 days before the course.

No refund will be given in the three weeks leading up to the course. As it is a small group refunds or movement of booking to a future course cannot be given for any individual issue that prevent attendances.

Level 3 – Bio-Lit : Between the articles being mailed and 60 days before the course there will
be a 50% refund in the event of cancellation on the delegate’s part. Later than this no
refund (or movement) of the course will be given There will be a full refund if the government decree a full lockdown which prevents the facility holding business meetings such as this due to Covid-19 for Levels 1,2,4 and 5. In this instance You will be offered one alternate dates for Level 3 if articles are already mailed out with 6 month’s notice.

For Payment plans payments needs to be completed by the dates agreed via email to allow confirmation and entrance to the course. Non payment of the final amount would forfeit the course and money will not be refunded unless exceptional circumstances.

Lunch will be a meat dish. There is a vegetarian option for those who chose at the
time of booking.

An extracted tooth you have made caries free is needed for:

Levels 1 and 2 loupes are recommended. 
Level 5 requires an occlusal mirror and retractors with camera advised but not